Friday, June 13, 2008


There are always more pills, there is always more damned political talk on my television AND on my radios AND on my friends. But speaking of friends, my Daddy used to always say to me, "Son (he would pontificate) if you've got enough friends so you can count them on one hand, then you're a lucky man." Well, Daddy, I don't have enough hands, toes or fingers to count my good friends on, so I guess I'm a lucky guy. I won't name them all because I would leave someone out. And who ever wants to be left out, except maybe at the dentist or at a colonoscopy? (Have you had one? You must, seriously! But it's like Sherman through Atlanta, so be warned! But get one done.)

Yes, I guess even my colon doctor is my friend. Happy little colon. That's all for today. (Maybe)


CountyBoyNYC said...

O! for the sixties, when you could really take a pill.

lizb said...

I don't discuss my colon dr in public!