Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I went yesterday to my regular kidney clinic appointment, and to meet my new doctor for my kidneys.  She turns out to be very supportive and understanding.  We discussed peritoneal dialysis and the swelling in my legs.  It was her suggestion that I begin a water pill therapy.  I have great experience taking Lasix and she decided I should take 80mgs once daily.

Then her attending doctor came into the room and questioned me and decided that I should DOUBLE the dose of Lasix to twice a day.  They want me to take off 15 pounds of water weight in one month.  This is reasonable.

My main doctor disagrees with this, saying that my swelling in the legs is due to lymphedema.

I am in a quandary as to whom to listen to!  I know that I have gained 40 pounds in the last 4 months while eating the EXACT same small amount of food daily.  (I really don't eat much. And my clothes still fit but my legs are huge.)

So I don't know who to believe.  I think the leg swelling is due to a combination of  lympedema, end stage kidney disease and poor posture.

So we are lowering the Lasix today to 20mg.

Bottom line:  my main doctor knows my body for 8 years and the kidney doctors saw me for the FIRST TIME yesterday.  WHO WOULD YOU LISTEN TO?

You can leave a comment for me if you like.  It would be appreciated.


Louise said...

Are you still having your legs wrapped? Do you elevate your legs during the day? Do you wear support socks? Just wonder if any of these would help.

Living Positive said...

Kidney docs may have knowledge your regular doc might not have. If they are looking at the same labs, etc. they may see your condition from a diffetent angle. How effective was the medication in the past to helping?

Boleyn said...

Is there a way to monitor the "output" from taking the Lasix? If there is a clear correlation -- 20mg Lasix = 10 ounces of fluid output per day -- then it would be easier to know what would be most effective. Also, as with most meds with which I am familiar, a slow increase is safer and may be a clearer indicator of results specifically from the med increase.
And, have these docs spoken TO EACH OTHER? On the phone or in person. They should get on the same page -- consult -- before giving you conflicting info.

Beats said...

I agree with Boleyn's comment. Put those two doctors in a room together with you and let's make sure everyone has the same information. Also - ask your doctors if there's any medical reason (blood issues in particular) you could not have acupuncture. Then go get some acupuncture! It produces AMAZING results in re-balancing whatever is out of whack with the body. Blessings, diva!

Anonymous said...

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