Monday, June 9, 2014


Not a whole lot to say today other than:

GREATEST TONY SHOW EVER!!!  So proud to be part of the theatre community.

Preparing for my October Benefit for Habitat for Humanity at United Church of Chapel Hill, NC.

Featuring the state's finest singers doing what they love the most - BROADWAY SHOW TUNES!

Want to be in the show?  Just contact me at or 
Jenny Anderson at

Saturday morning rehearsals in September and October - Shows Oct 24 & 25.

Y'all come!!


Rick said...

Good luck with your show Richard!
So you thought the Tony's were a good show last night? I missed parts of it but how can it go wrong with Hugh Jackman as host?

Gayle said...

I agree 100% about the Tonys. Hugh Jackman is absolutely amazing! So much talent of so many kinds in one person! Looking forward to our October show. :-)

George Maguire said...

I agree! Took me back to our NYC days Richard when TONYS were electric with excitement and TALENT! I remember 2 at your place on West End.